The world of Karterias is massive, and humans are one of perhaps a thousand intelligent races that thrive. The majority nowhere, in many places they are second-class citizens, and in some they are outright enslaved. Weak and short-lived but tenacious, they can be found underfoot almost anywhere.

The only human-ruled kingdom is Sammara, which is currently under assault by the orc nation of Grendam. Outside of Sammara, humans can be found in almost any other locations as the down trodden underclass or as slaves.

Human culture tends to emulate the culture of whatever race is oppressing them.


Human adventurers are not uncommon, as the brash and adventurous race is eager to escape their servitude.

Common Classes

Other Classes

Since humans are already ostracized, some of them follow the path of the binder in order to gain some measure of power out of their standing.

A few humans train in the arts of the beguiler, as subterfuge is a greatly desired skill among their kind, but there are few willing to teach.

Human healers are rare but valued members of their communities. When trained they are often seen as valued elders.

A few humans with psionic abilities combine their powers with their cultural ability to sneak in order to become deadly lurks, who often busy themselves assassinating enemies of humanity.


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